Sonia At Grand Canyon

The Courage to love your Sister

Name: Sonia Jackson Myles
Title: President & CEO, The Sister Accord LLC
Age: 47
Lip Lacquer: Wearing Take Me Out by Liquid Courage Cosmetics at the top of the Grand Canyon. 
I resolve to establish an agreement with ALL of my sisters, whether they are black, white, red, yellow or brown. Whether they are strong or weak, rich or poor, educated at Harvard or educated on 17th Street, working in the C-suite or cleaning it. Whether they are independent or leaning and depending, confident or lacking self-esteem, fighting back or being abused and misused. I will uphold this commitment to my sisters.

This is an excerpt from The Sister Accord written by COURAGEous beauty Sonia Myles. Liquid Courage Cosmetics is the beauty empowerment brand of  choice for women worldwide so we are super excited to highlight Sonia as an Everyday Woman of Courage and bring visibility to the powerful Sister Accord Movement. 

Sonia says, “courage is being filled with fear and taking the “leap” anyway!  What is key in this statement is that in order to truly be courageous you must be scared out of your mind to address a situation or to move forward on an idea.  If you’re not afraid, then it doesn’t take courage to act. In my experience, having courage is a journey.  For me, it began when I conquered my fear of dogs.  Once I “faced my fear” of something that controlled my life for so many years, I became unstoppable!!!”  

What was the most courageous thing you’ve done this year? Co-founding Rivers Media Group LLC with my business partner, C. Key.  We are two fearless ladies with BIG DREAMS and now have the ability to touch people all around the world with music and entertainment via mobile devices via our partnership with Urban Planet Mobile!  If someone would have told me 18 months ago when I was an executive at Procter & Gamble that I would be living this amazing dream, I would have thought they were crazy!  I am pursuing my goals and passions with great tenacity & a sense of urgency.  It FEELS GREAT!!!!

For anyone in need of courage, Sonia offers the following advice. “Get centered, get focused and determine what God’s purpose is for your life.  I have come to understand that when I am operating in his God’s will, everything comes together when and how it is supposed to.  When I step outside of his will, chaos ensues!”  

Live Courageously! Live Fearlessly!


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Jana says “Courage was choosing to live; to move beyond the pain.”

Meet our Everyday Woman of Courage: Jana Player Pauldin

Age: 45

Occupation: Chief Executive Officer at Brand id | Strategic Partners (

Lipstick: Forever Young

They say you never know the pain behind a smile but in the case of Jana you don’t know the courage behind hers. Everyone has a story and so Liquid Courage Cosmetics recently sat down to hear Jana’s COURAGEOUS story.

Jana defines courage as “living with intentional purpose. When I lost my son in 2004 to leukemia, people used the word “courage” almost on a daily basis to describe what they felt was an unflappable character trait. For me, there was no courage only a mother instinctively knowing when to finally let her son go and have his peace. Courage was choosing to live; to move beyond the pain. To always treasure the blessing of being granted the opportunity to love unconditionally. To know how to give without hesitation, how to let go without regret, and how to say thank you for the God-given moments of joy without bitterness.”

Jana’s story personally touched me as I thought about countless mothers who have experienced or will experience the pain of burying their children. In my opinion, this is the ultimate test of courage. “The best advice I could give to another woman in need of courage to deal with a difficult situation is to stand in your truth. Listen to that inner voice that is often ignored. Always be accountable for your decisions and their consequences. Learn from your pain and move past your hurt.  Your life is motioned by your decisions — good or bad.  I teach my daughter, and sons, to not be afraid of life. Faith is powerful.  When doubt questions, “ Why me?”  Your Faith should answer, “Why not?”  One of my favorite quotes from James Baldwin that’s posted on my computer is “The world is before you and you need not take it or leave it as when you came in it.”, says Jana.

What is the most courageous thing you’ve done this year? “Choose me. At the stroke of midnight, I declared that 2015 would be my year of intent. I charge myself to remain grateful and humbled by my blessings. 2014 gave me my fair share of loss and disappointment but I choose to move forward stronger and wiser. This year, I step out on Faith, facing my fears and uncertainties. Life has taught me that there will always be judgment from others or misunderstandings of good intentions but God knows my heart, and only he can judge my actions. I embrace the knowledge that I am wonderfully flawed and beautifully made. I will always define who I am. I’m layered and I love it.”

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