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Meet Roshell: Q&A with Liquid Courage founder

Meet EntreprenHER Roshell Rinkins. Fresh from the Florida shores, Roshell now resides in Northern California, where she is a corporate superwoman in Silicon Valley and the fearless founder of cosmetics company, Liquid Courage Cosmetics–a black owned beauty brand. She is no stranger to the grind of wearing multiple hats while trying to sustain a successful business. In the ever-changing beauty industry, you have to stay 5 steps ahead just to get ahead. Roshell spills the tea on how she manages it all. 

Mayvenn Hair Blog: You are a black female entrepreneur in Silicon Valley, working a 9 to 5, and you have your own cosmetics line. Where did the idea to launch your own brand come from?

Roshell: I worked for  Procter & Gamble for 8 years, and I remember reading a study that showed when most women [are wearing] lipstick, they feel more courageous, bold, and fearless. The name Liquid Courage was the immediate thing that stuck in my mind. If you think about the cosmetics companies that are around, and not to bash anybody, but where is the empowerment? I wanted a brand that before picking up or trying the product, you knew this was something made for you.  We all need encouragement, and Liquid Courage is a lifestyle brand for women who are wives, mothers, business owners, community builders, and kicking butt in their industry. I really wanted my brand to represent that.

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