Dare Devil

Sisterhood, Service, and Courage: Meet Everyday Woman of Courage Sharelle Dailey

Name: S. Sharelle Dailey

Age: 35

Occupation: Project Manager


Sharelle says, “Courage is the ability to face your fears even during times of adversity.” Sharelle is all too familiar with women facing their fears daily by lending her talents, time, and energy to the Susan G. Komen for the Cure foundation. Sharelle has not only donated countless hours but has raised money for the organization.   

Sharelle also has a passion for fitness and finds time to teach Zumba classes on top of her already busy schedule. “I have always led a pretty active lifestyle: from cheerleading, to dance, soccer, running, aerobics and most importantly my love for the Susan G. Komen 60 Mile Walk. In October 2009, I transitioned from Atlanta, Georgia where I worked with several personal trainers for my personal fitness as well as fundraiser endeavors for Breast Cancer. Upon my return an old high school friend of mine was advertising a Zumbathon so I decided to check it out. What do you know –  it was LOVE AT FIRST DANCE and within a year I became a Zumba Instructor” says Sharelle.  If you are in DC metro area check out her Zumba class.

The most courageous thing Sharelle has done this year is “stay true to myself and my beliefs even when it was easier to go with the popular vote.”

What advice would you give another woman who needs courage to deal with a difficult situation?  I would say take a deep breath and think about what you would do if you were not afraid.  Hold on to that feeling and go with it.  You will not regret the choice. And, you will breathe easier knowing that you went with your gut instinct.”

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How to pick the right lip color?

Choose the right lip color for your skin tone

The one question we get from our COURAGEOUS beauties is how to pick the perfect shade for your skin tone? In this week’s Courage Insider we offer expert advice on how to pick the right shade for your skin tone whether you are fair skin, medium skin tone, or have a dark skin tone. This week we sat down with a professional makeup artist, NaTasha Nichol who says “Darker lipsticks make the lips appear smaller while lighter or brighter colors, make the lips appear bigger.” 

Natasha offers the following advice when selecting the right lip color: 

  • For an everyday lipstick choose a color that is at least shade or two from your natural lip color.
  • Lipstick should be chosen by skin complexion.
  • Fair skin complexion should choose nudespinks, or mocha tone lipsticks. 
  • Medium skin complexion should choose brown/bronze, red, fuchsia, and peach colored lipsticks. We recommend Red In RomeKoca Kola, and Fruit Punch
  • For darker complexions try using ruby, bronze, or wine colored lipsticks. Merlot and Dare Devil are our most popular wine colored lipsticks perfect for the Fall.