Courage is the Cherry On Top: Everyday Woman of Courage Ashley Ogletree

Name: Ashley Ogletree

Age: 29

Occupation: Business Systems Analyst, Cincinnati Public Schools

Product in pic- Cherry on Top…Killin em’!

Meet Everyday Woman of Courage, Ashley Ogletree, from Cincinnati, Ohio. Ashley has been a Liquid Courage customer since November 27, 2013, one of our very first customers.

Ashley defines courage as “allowing the greatness within you to shine, while unknowingly allowing others to do the same.”

Liquid Courage takes pride in serving women that provide meaning and value to their families, communities, and businesses. Ashley is no different.

When asked what was the most courageous thing she’s done this year, Ashley says “Start my first uniform drive for disadvantaged students attending Cincinnati Public Schools.”

Ashley offers the following advice, “Don’t allow your setbacks to take you under…It’s only in these moments that define and create the true beauty within you. Always remember you are AWESOME and you can handle anything that comes your way! One positive thought at a time.”

Keep in touch with Ashley by visiting her social media pages below.

FB- mzashleydenise

IG- mz_ashleydenise

Twitter- @mz_ashleydenise



Going against the odds: The Courageous Story of Shawndell Clay

Name: Shawndell Clay

Age: 29

Occupation: The PGSP-Stanford Psy.D. Consortium, 4th year psychology doctoral student. Shawndell’s dissertation is on the connection between racial identity and depression in Black women.

Lip Lacquer: Cherry On Top 

Shawndell defines courage as being who you are, no matter how hard that is! To prove it, the most courageous thing Shawndell has done this year was submitting her application for an internship at Georgia State University. She was told over and over again she would never get…and she got it! Georgia State University traditionally only accepts Ph.D. interns so there was a perceived disadvantage of not getting the internship because she’s pursuing a Psy.D. and not a Ph.D. This is the power of COURAGE.

What advice would you give to another woman who is in need of courage to get through a difficult situation? Pretend a close friend is struggling and imagine what you would say to her. As women, we tend to uplift others yet be so hard on ourselves. Whatever kindness you would extend to her, be that kind and encouraging to yourself.