Perfect Lipstick Application

How to Apply Your Lipstick Perfect, Every Single Time

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Never underestimate the power of well-applied lipstick. There are different ways to achieve the perfect pout. Practice is the best way to discover your perfect application. Whether you’re a beginner or expert, here are 5 easy steps to achieving the perfect pout.

1. Moisturize your lips

Your favorite Liquid Courage lip color always goes on better after exfoliating and applying a lip balm of your choice. According to Dr. Jen, “Flawless makeup begins with great skincare.” Achieve the perfect lipstick application by exfoliating  your lips with a toothbrush or sugar scrub and moisturize daily or at least 3 times a week. 

2. Apply concealer base

Add concealer to the lips to create the perfect primer. Smile while applying to fill in any grooves. Blend uneven areas with your finger or makeup sponge. Once it dries, you’re ready for lip liner, if desired, and lip color. Taking a minute to add a concealer base will help your lip color last longer, show its true color, and prevent feathering.

Roshell Rinkins lipstick quote

3. Cupid’s bow vs. bottom lip application

Lip color application varies from person to person. Some dive right in and apply the Cupid’s bow and then the bottom lip. Others love to swipe the bottom lip first and then direct their focus to getting the perfect Cupid’s bow application. Regardless if you start with the Cupid’s Bow or the bottom lip, a smooth application is key!

4. Blot lips

Remove excess lipstick by blotting your lips with a tissue square or pulling your finger through pressed lips. Set lipstick with a dust of translucent powder, if desired, and then check your lips for final touchups. For a heavy lip, apply more lip color and repeat the blotting process.

5. Finish the look

With a thin brush, apply concealer around the outer edge of lips to clean them up. Accentuate Cupid’s bow with highlighter pencil. If you’re going for an ultra shiny lip, apply lip gloss.

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