Red In Rome

Lipsticks For Brown Chicks | Mayvenn + Cocoa Swatches

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3 Red Lipsticks For Brown Chicks | Mayvenn + Cocoa Swatches

Three of the Liquid Courage Cosmetics lipsticks was recently featured on the Mayvenn Hair blog. Mayvenn Hair kicked off their inaugural beauty series, where they swatched some of the most popular lip colors on skin tones that are often left out of the beauty conversation. Finding your go-to red lipstick is like finding your favorite pair of jeans or that little black dress: once you find it, hold on for dear life until it falls apart (then buy it again). It’ll take some digging, but once you find the red shade of your dreams, you’ll have a secret weapon ready to give you a boost of bold confidence whenever you need it.

If you have brown skin, finding a red lipstick that works can be daunting. You can watch all the YouTube beauty gurus do endless tutorials and makeup hauls, and still not really know what shade will work for your skin tone.

With a little help from the founder of Cocoa Swatches, the beauty app that helps women of color see real swatches of different makeup products on black women before purchasing, Mayvenn curated the best red lipsticks for darker skin tones. One of our new liquid lipsticks, Red In Rome, was one of the red lipsticks featured. Red In Rome is currently available for pre-order and will ship the week of 5.30. Red In Rome looks good on everybody, and as an added bonus, will help bring out your inner fierceness. Get ready to turn heads!

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